With a private tour you have a private guide at your disposal, who is able to respond even more to your wishes. Most of our tours are private tours, which are conducted on a golf cart, scooter or Twizy. Private group tours are therefore luxury tours without having to pay unnecessarily high rates.

We also offer group tours, such as the ‘Angels & Demons Tour’ (A&D) and the ‘Secret Rome Tour’, which will be carried out guaranteed. It can happen that in times of low requests you’ll be alone. Then you do have the comforts of a private tour. Group tour participants travel by foot (Secret Rome), or by minivan and foot (A&D). Maximum size of a group tour is 20 people, much less than what is normal in the tour business. The James Bond Spectre Tour is a semi-private tour: max. 6 participants.

Our bike tours are also group tours, but with a maximum group size of 12 people. It almost feels like a private tour.

Of the beaten track, no fumes, reaching places in Rome that are forbidden for other traffic, an ecological means of transport. These are a few of the big pro’s of our tours by a golf cart.

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Transportation, sightseeing and admission fees as shown under Included on each tour.

When you book a private tour then obviously the other guests are the people from your own party.
The bike tours for groups have a maximum of only 12 people. The Angels & Demons Movie Tour and the Secret Rome Tour have a maximum group size of 20 people, and the James Bond Spectre Tour 6 persons. On average though there are less people in a group. Our group sizes are smaller than is common in the tour sector.